Rubik Cube

I mean Rubik cube 3x3x3

That’s interesting. First time I can’t solve. I try and try again then first and second layer completed. All a day I try to finish the third layer but not yet. Maybe i didn’t understand the algorithm. Then i ask my friend, she tell me the algorithm and show me how to finish it.

After that, i think i can do it. But after come back to the room at my company dormitory, my friend at another block of dormitory, i try again but failed. I think something miss it. Then i try and try again but still failed. For the moment i give up but tomorrow i ask my friend again and again, maybe for 3 times. After try and try for long time, maybe a week, i finally got it. A half hour, 20 minutes, until my best time 6 minutes.

Now, i browse at web to find a shortcut, maybe less than a minute, hehe….


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