long holiday

Dec 20th-26th, 2007 is very long holiday ever I get it. That’s very boring with a long holiday. Maybe because I don’t have any activity to do or activity that I want to do but I can’t. Yup, I lost my time and I never get it again. Well plan but bad executed is nonsense.  


5 Responses to long holiday

  1. onedayathought says:

    libur enam hari ato libur 1 bulan 6 hari?

  2. Martin Siet says:

    6 hari lar,
    kan i ud tulis th 2007,

  3. onedayathought says:

    6 hari aja… tidur di rumah aja lor…

  4. CY says:

    ke bukit tinggi dong, kan enak disana 🙂

  5. Martin Siet says:

    bisa mabuk lor, kalo tidur melulu 😀
    ke bukit tinggi, gak ado piti nyo 😀
    mau mensponsori gak?

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