meatless day

The meatless day at November 25th is near with us. But until now I can’t to persuade my academy friends to join this event. I don’t know why? Maybe I’m not a good one to persuade other people, maybe I’m busy at all so I don’t have a time to tell to my friend, or maybe, there are too many maybe.


Some people will very easy to touched by the heart but someone not. Maybe my entire academy friend is first one type. And I’m second type. I’m very easy touched by the heart if I see someone or something (like animals) get hurt by other people or other thing. But sometimes I was the suspect do those. 😀


3 Responses to meatless day

  1. onedayathought says:

    persuade bukan pursue

  2. Martin Siet says:

    pai seh, my poor english,
    that i meant
    thanks for ur correction 😀
    btw u want to join this event by sign ur name up and take the action by not eating any meat at the meatless day (ur commitment)….

  3. onedayathought says:

    Ok. I will try not to eat. But no promise. 😀

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