today, i come back to pekanbaru with airplane after my long summer holiday (app 3 week at tg. balai karimun and batam). the ticket is very expensive than before,  maybe 2 times than the normal. maybe because still at the holiday moment, or maybe because i late to booking the ticket. i don’t know and i don’t care anymore, let’s bygones be bygones and i think that’s the expensive experience, ya really expensive 😀

many people said from batam to pekanbaru only wasted 45 minutes. i agree that but not for today. i wasted my time only at waiting lounge about 2 hour because operational matter, said the lion air people. maybe people will be said thats bad, but i don’t think so.

at waiting lounge, i see the airplane take off, i see many baggages in the baggage car. and i thing that i very curious was the car is over carry the baggage, so the baggage was fall down.


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