photoshop 01 stencil


step by step:

  1. open the image that want to cutout
  2. u can zoom in or out ur image with zoom tool
  3. select with polygonal lasso tool ur own image
  4. u can inverse ur selecting by menu select – inverse
  5. delete the other except ur own image (transparent background)
  6. u can scale ur image with press ctrl-t or menu edit – free transform then click and drag ur size
  7. set grayscale mode by click menu image – mode – grayscale
  8. set brigtness/contrast that u want by click menu image – adjustment – brightness/contrast….
  9. then cutout by click menu filter – artistic – cutout…. and change the value until u get ur own image that u like
  10. u can draw the border line by:
    1. click rectangular marquee tool
    2. click subtract from selection (at the top)
    3. drag ur own line and fill it
  11. save ur work.

(ref from many source)


8 Responses to photoshop 01 stencil

  1. onedayathought says:

    sapa gadis tu huh?

  2. Martin Siet says:

    haha…. 😀
    menurut u sapa?, mirip gak sm usa?

  3. onedayathought says:

    Kayaknya pernah liat ya… Entah dimana.. Dia ngak mirip..

  4. Martin Siet says:

    msk ga mirip,, berarti skill i belum mantap neh….

  5. onedayathought says:

    Haha… dia sapa ya?? Kayaknya pernah liat di friendster.

  6. onedayathought says:

    susani… haha..

  7. Martin Siet says:

    😀 betol liau, exactly i ga tau sapa dia, maen add aj,
    u kenal sm dia?

  8. onedayathought says:

    liat di friendster lor.. dia barusan add wa aja..

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